Know Your Hair

Post By “Mayank”

Hair Extension is one of the most important things to enhance one’s persona,It is very important to know the truth of your hair which you are using.Human hair extensions comes with some of well known category like virgin hair,remy hair,nonremy hair etc and other aspect is the origin of the hair.

here i am trying to focus some light to understand the hair better.first i like to describe the category of the human hair .

“Virgin hair” is the highest grade of quality in hair extensions,which determines the 100% natural state of hair. once the hair has been shaved from a head,it goes under the process of disinfecting,cleaning conditioning.All the cuticle remains in the same direction without any alteration in this.

“Remy Hair”is also the best of quality in hair extensions,Despite virgin hair, remy hair contains hair from different sources without doing any change in cuticle it very important with remy hair bundle that all hair in it has to be to same in color and texture.As cuticle remains in the same direction so remy hair behaves like the virgin hair.

“Non Remy” or processed hair is the least quality in comparison to virgin hair and remy hair.Non remy hair have hair from many sources without any consideration of cuticle alignment.Because cuticle are in different direction so it’s very hard to use this with making it cuticle free.To make it cuticle free hair has been treated with chemicals.After processing hair is being segregated with perimeter of length and quality with term of :- 5a,6a,7a,8a.

India is the biggest place to produce raw virgin hair extensions. which has been processed from various channelĀ  to reach it to buyers across the world.

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